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We're Out of Stock Indefinitely :(

Hi Empowered Filipinas! We're sad to say that we are closing down Xyza PH until further notice. The ongoing pandemic + the recent typhoon that hit Cebu has made it financially tough to keep the business going.

We're thankful for all of your support, and should you have any questions about your orders, please reach out on Instagram as we're closing down our emails already.

It was a great run, and we're thankful for all of you that believed in our vision of #EmpoweredFilipinas.

Thank you and stay safe!

- Team Xyza

Why Xyza?

Our priority is to help every Filipina build the confidence to stand up for who they are, what they believe in, and what they’re capable of.

We believe if more Filipinas can naturally grow out of their deepest insecurities, more of us would stand up. Be ourselves. Create an impact. Change the world.

That’s what it means to be #XyzaEmpowered.

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Our Mission

Giving every Filipina access to products that naturally bring out the bold, confident, and empowered beauty they have within, so they can create a positive impact in the world.

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