PowerLash (8.8 VIP Sale)

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The Xyza PowerLash helps you grow longer, thicker lashes. All-natural and vegan, it's the healthiest way to get the lashes you deserve. Finally, you can feel empowered by your lashes.

Customer Reviews

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Sasa (Central, HK)
Best buy ever

This is the best serum I’ve tried so far. My friends and co-workers all thought I have naturally long eyelashes. I’ve already influenced a lot of people into buying this. Thanks for this! Totally worth the buy.

Carla B (Quezon City, PH)
I used to perm my lashes but I don't anymore!

I saw a friend's lashes and asked - false lashes ba yan? Her secret pala was Xyza! In 5 minutes, I got 2 bottles! I am on my 3rd week of semi-compliant pa use of my 1st bottle and OMG how my lashes are so much improved!!!! I already had an experience with a branded lash serum before that costs me 5x of Xyza and it did absolutely nothing! But with Xyza - the change is amazing! One time, I accidentally poked my eyeball and it didn't even irritate it - meaning no harsh chemicals! So at night, I am actually excited to use it and un next purchase ko - I think I will put na din sa eyebrows :)

Julie panerio (Mandaue City, PH)

Good day! I haven't actually been consistently using it because I always forgot. But anyway, I will really try to use it everyday.

Bea Tiosejo (Quezon City, PH)
it actually works???? what is this magic

super skeptical of “lash serums” because they seem too good to be true, but this ACTUALLY WORKS i am so pleasantly surprised !!! photos below are day 1 (8/13) compared to around week 7 (10/08)

Farrah M (Cebu City, PH)

True to its claim😍, before i have thin and short lashes and it doesnt bother me at all kasi im not a kikay person naman hehe, but when i saw this ad from xyza i got curious so bumili ako, and ohhlaah! It works! After using my 1st bottle I've noticed my lashes becomes thicker and humaba talaga ng konti, and now im on my 2nd bottle and hoping for a much thicker curly long lashes. Loving it 😍😍😍